The Women's Movement in Wartime

The Women's Movement in Wartime

International Perspectives, 1914-19

von: A. Fell, I. Sharp

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Veröffentl.: 12.04.2007
ISBN/EAN: 9780230210790
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This comparative, interdisciplinary book explores the responses of the women's movement to World War I in all of the major belligerent nations. The contributors cover key topics including women's relationship with the state, women's war service, mothers in wartime, suffrage, peace and the aftermath of war, and women's guilt and responsibility.
Introduction: The Women's Movement and the First World War; A.S.Fell & I.Sharp 'Indian Sisters!...Send your Husbands, Brothers, Sons': India, Women and the First World War; S.Das Martial Spirit and Mobilisation Myths: Women and the 'Ideas of 1914' in Germany; C.Siebrecht 'The Women of France do not wish to Speak about Peace': Julie Siegfried and the Response of the 'Conseil National des Femmes Fransçaises' to the First World War; A.S.Fell Blaming the Women: Women's Responsibility for the First World War; I.Sharp The Creation of an Icon in Defence of Hélène Brion: Pacifists and Feminists in the French Minority Media; J.Shearer 'In a Different Voice': Responses of Hungarian Feminism to the First World War; J.Acsády Feminism and Suffrage in Russia: Women, War and Revolution 1914-17; O.Shnyrova The Pankhursts and the Great War; J.Purvis 'The Woman who Dared': Major Mabel St Clair Stobart; A.K.Smith Esther Pohl Lovejoy, M.D., the First World War, and a Feminist Critique of Wartime Violence; K.Jensen Elizabeth Rotten and the 'Auskunftsund Hilfsstelle für Deutschland im Ausland und Ausländer in Deutschland', 1914-18; M.Stibbe Preserving Utopia: the 'German League for the Protection of Mothers and Sexual Reform' in the First World War; P.Davies 'The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom' and Reconciliation after the Great War; E.Kuhlman Sacrificial Rituals and Wounded Hearts: the Uses of Christian Symbolism in French and German Women's Responses to the First World War; C.O'Brien
JUDIT ACSÁDY Sociology Research Institute, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary
SANTANU DAS Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Queen Mary, University of London, UK
PETER DAVIES Senior Lecturer in German, the University of Edinburgh, UK
ALISON S. FELL Lecturer in French Studies, Lancaster University, UK
KIMBERLY JENSEN Professor of History and Gender Studies, Western Oregon University, USA
ERIKA KUHLMAN Assistant Professor of History, Idaho State University, USA
CATHERINE O'BRIEN Lecturer in French and Film Studies, Kingston University, UK
JUNE PURVIS Professor of Women's and Gender History, the University of Portsmouth, UK
INGRID SHARP Senior Lecturer in German, Leeds University, UK
JOANNA SHEARER PhD candidate, Oxford Brookes University, UK
OLGA SHNYROVA Director of Gender Studies and Associate Professor, the Ivanovo State University, Russia
CLAUDIA SIEBRECHT PhD candidate, Trinity College Dublin, ROI
ANGELA K. SMITH Senior Lecturer in English and Creative Writing, the University of Plymouth, UK
MATTHEW STIBBE Senior Lecturer in History, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

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