The Rise and Decline of Anglican Idealism in the Nineteenth Century

The Rise and Decline of Anglican Idealism in the Nineteenth Century

von: T. Gouldstone

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Veröffentl.: 11.02.2005
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Scientific and historical studies in the Nineteenth-century challenged Christian believers to restate their faith in ways which took account of new knowledge. An example of this is the influence of philosophical idealism on a generation of writers and theologians, principally centred around the University of Oxford. However, these optimistic and socially-privileged men and women failed to come to terms with the mass movements and rapid changes in fin-de-siècle England. The Church moved out of touch with national life and is reaping the consequences today.
Acknowledgements Introduction Reaction to Reform: The Legacy of Newman and Arnold The Formation of 'Parties' Essays and Reviews The Rise of British Idealism Idealism Embraced: Thomas Hill Green Idealism Popularised: Mrs. Humphry Ward Idealism Assimilated: Frederick Temple Idealism Transcended: Aubrey Moore Idealism Marginalised: Charles D'Arcy Idealism Assaulted - Realism and Aestheticism Gathering up the Fragments Epilogue Bibliography Index
TIM GOULDSTONE was ordained in 1978 after having taken a degree in Geology and after a period working in industry. Having previously served in a number of rural parishes, he is currently Anglican Chaplain to the University of East Anglia. He is a member of the Society of Ordained Scientists and has received a Templeton Foundation Award for a course on 'Science and the Christian Faith'.

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