Language and Religious Identity

Language and Religious Identity

Women in Discourse

von: Allyson Jule

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Verlag: Palgrave Macmillan
Format: PDF
Veröffentl.: 22.05.2007
ISBN/EAN: 9780230210943
Sprache: englisch
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In a search for a deeper understanding of the complex relationship between gender, language and religious identity, this book gathers a global range of studies from the field of linguistics. It connects language use to both a religious and gender identity and shows how language works to unite, oppress, liberate or fracture the various participants.
Preface; J.Sunderland Introduction; A.Jule Testimonies and the Expansion of Women's Role in a Transnational Mexican Parish; E.P.Sharp The Interplay of Language, Religion, Ethnicity and Gender: A Case Study of Hispanic Churches in Lancaster, Pennsylvania; N.R.Nieves & R.D.Rosati Gender Constructions and Biblical Exegesis: Lessons from a Divinity School Seminar; T.Warhol 'Do Unto Others': Gender and the Construction of a 'Good Christian' Identity in an E-community; S.Lambert-Graham From Bridegroom of the Soul to Brand-as-Friend: Metaphorical Relationships in Religious and Marketing Discourses; V.Koller Being Male and Female in Nigerian Evangelicalism - and Saying Thank You; A.Mustapha The Role of Language in the Construction of Gender and Ethnic-Religious Identities in Brazilian-Candomble Communities; L.Á.López & C.Edfeldt Gender and Language Use in the Lisu Traditional Religion; D.Yu Calm and Humble in and through Christianity: A Chinese Immigrant Couple in Toronto; H.Han Matka Polka (Mother Poland) and the Cult of the Virgin Mary: Linguistic Analysis of Social Roles and Expectations of Polish Women; B.Tieszen Indexes
CHATARINA EDFELDT Stockholm University, Sweden
SAGE LAMBERT-GRAHAM University of Memphis, USA
HUAMEI HAN University of Toronto, Canada
VERONIKA KOLLER Lancaster University, UK
LAURA ALVAREZ LOPEZ Stockholm University, Sweden
ABOLAJI MUSTAPHA Lagos State University, Nigeria
NERYAMN RIVERA NIEVES University of Florida, USA
ROXANA DELBENE ROSATI University of Florida, USA
ETHAN PHILIP SHARP University of Texas, USA
BOZENA TIESZEN University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA
TAMARA WARHOL University of Pennsylvania, USA
DEFEN YU La Trobe University, Australia

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