Improving International Competition Order

Improving International Competition Order

An Institutional Approach

von: C. Conrad

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Veröffentl.: 22.04.2005
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This book offers guidelines for the upcoming discussions on reform, representing an attempt to work out conceptions for a better international competition order on the basis of the scientific approach 'law and economics'. It presents the dominant concepts of competition policy as a basis for an international competition order and formulates a synthesis. The result is a new neo-ordoliberal approach. Anti-dumping-measures are analysed of the effects on international competition and resource allocation, and alternatives and improvements are suggested. From national forms of competition policy a synthesis of international competition policies are derived. Currently reforms of the international competition order are heavily discussed and here a selection of the most important suggestions are presented, compared, and evaluated. Finally, this book offers strategies that might serve as second-best solutions, and though they may not be optimal for competition policy, they are politically feasible and an improvement on the current competition regulations. They would be a back-up in case the WTO competition regulations aren't realizable.
Introduction: On the Way to an International Competition Order PART ONE: THE THEORY OF COMPETITION POLICY: AN INTERNATIONAL SYNTHESIS The Role of Competition in National and International Economic Systems The Ordoliberalist Concept from Walter Eucken The Workability Concept of Industrial Organization and the German Conception of Functional Competition: The Pessimists Evaluation Newer Developments A Concept of a New Neo-Ordoliberalism as an Economic Ideal for an International System of Competition Regulations PART 2: DISTORTIONS IN COMPETITION: DUMPING AND ANTIDUMPING MEASURES The Attractiveness of Antidumping Measures, or Why Antidumping Measures are so Popular Dumping and Antidumping Measures from a Competition and Allocation Perspective PART 3: A POSSIBLE WAY TO AN INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION ORDER Synthesis of International Competition Policies The Requirements for an International Competition Authority Designing a New International System for Competition Regulation PART 4: STRATEGIES TO REFORM THE REGULATIONS ON INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION Criteria for an International System to Regulate Competition Evaluation of Selected Reform Strategies Conclusion PART 5: ECONOMIC POLICY REFORM STRATEGIES FOR INTERNATIONAL REGULATIONS ON COMPETITION Current Interests Economic Policy Reform Strategies What Will Come Out of Doha?
DR CHRISTIAN CONRAD has worked as a research intern at the EU Commission in Brussels, Belgium and has conducted interviews with the International Trade Administration and International Trade Commission during his time as a visiting researcher at Georgetown University, USA. He has also worked as an assistant in the economics department at the Eberhard-Karls-University of Tübingen, Germany and has published several articles in the Journal of World Trade and World Competition.