Gender, Ethics and Information Technology

Gender, Ethics and Information Technology

von: A. Adam

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Verlag: Palgrave Macmillan
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Veröffentl.: 14.03.2005
ISBN/EAN: 9780230000520
Sprache: englisch
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This book brings feminist philosophy, in the shape of feminist ethics, politics and legal theory, to an analysis of computer ethics problems including hacking, privacy, surveillance, cyberstalking and Internet dating. Adam claims that these issues cannot be properly understood unless we see them as problems relating to gender. For the first time, these issues are put under the feminist spotlight to show that traditional responses reproduce the public/private split which has so often reinforced the causes of women's oppression.
Gender and Information and Communication Technologies - It's Not for Girls Feminist Political and Legal Theory: The Public/Private Dichotomy Feminist Ethics: Ethics in a Different Voice The Rise of Computer Ethics: From Professionalism to Legislative Failures Gender and Computer Ethics: Contemporary Approaches and Contemporary Problems Internet Dating: Cyberstalking and Internet Pornography: Gender and the Gaze Hacking into Hacking: Gender and the Hacker Phenomenon Someone to Watch Over Me: Gender, Technologies and Privacy Epilogue: Feminist Cyberethics? Bibliography
ALISON ADAM is Professor of Information Systems at the University of Salford, UK. She is the author of Artificial Knowing: Gender and the Thinking Machine (1998) and co-editor of Virtual Gender: Technology, Consumption and Identity (2001).

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