French Intellectuals and Politics from the Dreyfus Affair to the Occupation

French Intellectuals and Politics from the Dreyfus Affair to the Occupation

French Politics, Society and Culture

von: D. Drake

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A companion volume to Drake's Intellectuals and Politics in Post-War France (2002), French Intellectuals from the Dreyfus Affair to the Occupation traces the political positions adopted by French writers and artists from the end of the 19th century to the Liberation. Drawing on a wide range of primary and secondary sources, it offers a clear and accessible analysis of the intellectuals' engagement with nationalism, pacifism, communism, anti-communism, surrealism, fascism and anti-fascism, which is located within the evolving national and international context of the period.
Acknowledgements Glossary of Acronyms and Abbreviations Introduction PART 1 THE DREYFUS AFFAIR AND THE BIRTH OF THE 'INTELLECTUALS' Fin-de-siècle France The Case of Alfred Dreyfus (1894-98) The Birth of the 'Intellectuals' Dreyfusard and Anti-dreyfusard Intellectuals The Ligues and Action Française The Dreyfus Affair: From Zola's Trail to the Bloc Républicain PART 2: FROM 'REPUBLICAN DEFENCE' TO DEFENCE OF THE PATRIE Waldeck-Rosseau and the Defence of the Republic: Émile Combes and the Republic on the Offensive Georges Sorel, Socialism, the Dreyfus Affair and the 'Dreyfusard Revolution' Charles Péguy, the Socialists, the Dreyfus Affair and the 'Dreyfusard Revolution' Socialism, Nationalism, Internationalism and a New Threat of War? The Rise of Action Française Péguy's Nationalism Péguy, Daniel Halévy and Sorel's Views of the Dreyfus Affair Intellectuals and the Defence of the Homeland (Défence de la Patrie) The Union Sacrée (Sacred Union) Romain Rolland: Au-dessus de la Mêlée (Above the Mêlee) PART 3: THE 1920s: FRENCH INTELLECTUALS AND PACIFISM, COMMUNISM, SURREALISM AND NATIONALISM France: Victorious But at What Price? Pacifism and Revolution From Dada to Surrealism Nationalism Julien Benda and La Trahison des Clercs (The Betrayal of the Clerisy) PART 4: FACISM, ANIT-FACISM, COMMUNISM, ANTI-COMMUNISM AND PACIFISM The Stacisky Scandal and the Night of 6 February 1934 French Intellectuals and the USSR 1930-34 French Communism and the Intellectuals 1930-34 The Years 1934-36: French Facism The Years 1934-36: French Anti-facism From Popular Front to the Munich Agreement September 1938: The Munich Agreement August 1939: The Nazi-Soviet Pact PART 5: THE OCCUPATION 1940-44: COLLABORATIONISM, COLLABORATION AND RESISTANCE September 1939-June 1940: From the Phoney War to Defeat Intellectuals and the Defeat of 1940 Intellectuals and Collaboration 1940-42 Intellectuals and the Resistance 1940-42 Intellectuals and Collaboration 1942-44 Intellectuals and the Resistance 1942-44 Notes Select Bibliography Index
DAVID DRAKE is Principal Lecturer in French at Middlesex University. He is President of the UK Society for Sartrean Studies and is a member of the editorial board of Modern and Contemporary France.

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