Eliminating Weapons of Mass Destruction

Eliminating Weapons of Mass Destruction

Prospects for Effective International Verification
Global Issues

von: J. Mathiason, B. Andemicael

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Veröffentl.: 04.04.2005
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The events of September 11 2001 have altered the course of arms control intended to eliminate weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and has made the role of international organizations controversial. Whether they can effectively verify compliance with the WMD treaty regime has now been questioned by the United States. In responding to this basic question, Eliminating Weapons of Mass Destruction examines how existing organizations apply the main verification tools, how they can improve and consolidate them where possible in order to meet the new security challenges more effectively.
Foreword; H.Blix Preface L:ist of Abbreviations PART I: OVERVIEW OF THE WMD BAN REGIME The Structure and Logic of the WMD Ban Regime Evolution of the WMD Control Regime PART II: VERIFICATION MECHANISMS Baseline Information: Declarations and Date Collection Technical Monitoring Controlling Supply: Procurement and Import/Export Monitoring Verification by On-site Inspection PART III: HOW TO MAKE THE REGIME EFFECTIVE Compliance Issues and Recourse Building an Effective WMD Control Regime Building Effective Management for the Regime Conclusion Notes Index
BERHANYKUN ANDEMICAEL is a Consultant on International Management. He was representative of the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency to the United Nations from 1998 to 2000. He was previously an Assistant Director of Research of the UN Institute for Training and Research. He has published several books and articles, especially on the relations of the UN system with regional and non-governmental organizations, and on issues of disarmament, security, terrorism and peace.JOHN MATHIASON is Professor of International Relations at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University. He has been a consultant on management to the IAEA and the Provisional Technical Secretariat of the CTBTO. A former career official of the United Nations secretariat, whose last assignment was as Deputy Director of the Division for the Advancement of Women, he has published articles on management reform and the development of international regimes, as well as acting as principal drafter of many United Nations reports.